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Exclusive Design

An exclusive development that achieves a unique style and quality of life in Huatulco. Its location meets the best conditions to become an area of high growth and added value for your investment.


Under an integral concept full of exclusive conveniences and amenities, Xcaanda perfectly fuses harmony, tranquility and luxury inside.
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Xcaanda harmonizes its lines with the environment and offers comfortable spaces that combine design with functionality. Inside, its amenities are designed to provide a natural and exclusive lifestyle, typical of the beaches of Huatulco.
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Spacious modern areas, elegant finishes and fine details in the painting, tiles, materials, textures and contrasts give harmony to each space in Xcaanda. A design with an integral concept that incorporates natural elements in each condominium.
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Perfection in every detail. Thanks to the orientation suggested by the team of architects, the dominant winds, the breeze, the light and the color, allow a natural freshness that complements the structural beauty of the complex.
Xcaanda is a unique project with a privileged location, close to the beaches of the Mexican Pacific; it is an opportunity of great value, an excellent option to invest and enjoy an incomparable quality of life.”
The Developer
Xcaanda enjoys a visually flawless interior design. The careful selection of elements and materials create elegant focal points in the interior that connect with the exterior, achieving an avant-garde relationship between both.
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A project conceived to use the highest quality in its materials and elements, which has given it its own identity. The perfect integration of its components makes Xcaanda the ideal development to live close to the beach.


Xcaanda is a residential space created to satisfy the most demanding tastes. The best investment with guaranteed added value thanks to its excellent location.


Xcaanda is located in a residential area close to the main natural and commercial attractions of Huatulco; an excellent opportunity with an attractive return on investment and capital gains that make it the best investment decision in Huatulco.
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  • 5 min to the main beaches
  • Easy access to main roads in Huatulco
  • Close to schools and shopping areas
  • Close to natural and recreational áreas
  • Safe residential area
  • Maximum use of natural lighting
  • Access to quality services
  • High value-added residential area
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